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Brain log access and error

There are two elements that work in synergy  in the process of machine evolution:

<First> is the invisible attraction to do something, the passion, talent, geniality.

<Second> is the influence of those above about the brain capacity in creating the chain synapses which bring the machine to the limits.

My beliefs are that the <first> creates a perfect environment (neurotransmitters) that accelerate the <second> chains synapses, so the machine can develop his own pathway. When second time this occurs, the <first> becomes more powerful and also the <second>.

This increase is not linear, not even logarithmic.

Practically, taking into consideration the data flow, we can observe not only the “error log” but even the “log” along with the machine (body) life.

The “Log” will provide data about the machine’s (body’s) state of evolution, values that can be developed even the human is not aware of, learning capacity;  them, map of body flow energy, curve of evolution, etc.

The “Error log” will provide data about illness, components malfunctions, and emotional status as: happiness, joy, depression, anxiety, etc.

Practically we will have all we need to know about our machine (body) in order to make our choices.

Constantin Costescu

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