Financiers and revolutionary technologies

28 Oct

The other day, we were talking about my product SENS (Smart Engine Neuro Stimulation – Rehabilitate people who have suffered neuronal degeneration or stroke) with a Romanian financier, etc.etc.

His idea is that without money you can’t do anything, so they, finance, are the most important in the concept of business, startup, whatever.

Absolutely right! If you don’t have money for bread, you don’t buy, if you don’t have money for treatments, you die.

This reality is transformed into a cruel way of perceiving the surrounding reality, the reality of those who have money, a lot of money.

But this ignorance and arrogance of those with money, ceases, and I say this from experience, once the financier, the banker, the CEO, the blabber-egg, is struck by the disease.

When you can’t drink water alone, you piss and shit on yourself, you’re washed in the ass, because you can’t wash yourself, you’re taken to the toilet to relieve yourself, because you alone can’t, well, the optics change exponentially.

These heroes of life would give anything and everything, and this is not just a metaphor, just to be able to return to normalcy, or something close to normalcy. I saw this happen, I’m not talking about books.

When I told them that the recovery technology has been in the drawer for 3 years, they were extremely amazed, surprised, upset, outraged, but they admitted that without real problems they don’t think of anything other than making money.

Sometimes these people are somehow lucky, meaning there are drugs or their situation can be resolved somewhat by drug treatment, surgery, or radio, chemo, etc.

But when these important ones of fate are mentioned with a problem located in the brain, the stories end and begin depression, pain, humiliation, life that even in nightmares looks better, was easier to bear and take.

And the only technology capable of changing lives and repairing the brain is in my drawer and day by day, I think more and more that there is a place for it.

Constantin.C / 20.10.2020

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