Mathematics in prophylaxis of unwanted events

24 May

I’ve told so many times, but it looks to me that I need to say it again, lack of bad things does not mean good things.

In my expertise the human race works guided on simple model. Things happen, some conclusions is taken, some ideas are applied and that’s all.

It’s impossible to not observe that every-time when something is happen there are some things that was missed or wrongfully understand, and those things are exploited to create new disasters.

So my conclusion based on simple and basic logic, people that have to protect other people failed their jobs. This failures came from lack of brains that will not just see the actions (as usually happen), but predict the actions.

Just replying to actions does not offer much choices, because the replying will be always on step behind, that’s the facts.

What are the options, then. The answer can be found only in mathematics.

Systems that analyze the data, creating cross-systems databases, that will allow to have the answer before we have the questions.

But for this we need to change the actual systems works, we need to be smarter and to implement this smartness in stand-alone device or gadgets. The admittance that the actual system need to be restructured is a must.

Data modeling, AI systems, independent AI – device that predict the future behaviors, that’s one of many possible answer. This system will not only help by infrastructures itself, but will permit deeply networks analysis, that will reveal hidden elements, essential for problem solving.

Mathematics have the answer for almost all issues, it only wait for being use in order to show its amazing power.

May 24, 2017, Constantin Costescu

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