CSHD – Innovative Medical Device for medical recovery and medical rehabilitation

14 Feb

CSHD – Innovative  Medical  Device for medical recovery and rehabilitation

A new presentation of CSHD, device for medical recovery and rehabilitation, for patients that had an neurological incident as stroke, CVA, or even coma.

CSHD can make clear distinction between deep coma and cerebral death.

CSHD is a continuum medical support for those patients that suffer a neuronal incident and need medical rehabilitation.

What is CSHD?

CSHD is the medical device that helps recovery and rehabilitation of patientswho suffered neuronal disorders

It consists of two parts:

  1. IPU – Intelligent Processing Unit – the “brains ” of the device 
  2. IOU – IOU – In / Out Unit – devices that are connected to patient

What does  CSHD do?

Recovers patients in coma or those who have suffered CVA

Initiates procedures for recovery of those suspected of brain death or suspected of a lack of neuronal activity

Rehabilitates patients who have suffered neuronal disorders.

IPU Intelligent processing unit

IPU is composed of specialized circuits based on micro controllers and Linux servers.It generates mathematical model for IOU ( In- Out United).

IOU – in-out-unit

IOU is a specialized system of sensors which communicates bidirectionally with the patient. In the first stage IOU will apply sets of predefined programs, it will learn from patient responses and it will adapt the way of interaction according to the condition of the patient.

CSHD – Signaling

For patients showing brain death or lack of neural activity, CSHD initiates specific programs and signals the first brain activity.

Measuring neural activity is continuously and is considering other markers apart from the already known ones such as EEG, MRI, PET SCAN markers obtained after CSHD stimulation.

CSHD can be applied for recovery from coma, stroke, patients suspected of cerebral death and Rehabilitation after medical coma, stroke or other disorders neural.

CSHD is based on the following work:  Costescu Neural Model,  “EEG Pattern recognition on customized equipment”, “The Role of Algorithms in Neural Recovery”.

Feb 14, 2016, Constantin Costescu

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