HDEV-RD – Neural (re) Construct Neural Matrix

22 Jul

HDEV-RD Neural (re) Construct Neural Matrix

What is HDEV-RD?


HDEV-RD is a device which monitories and analyzes the human response in order to compute the replay actions that will be transmitted back to the patient in order to restore the damaged neural pathway or create a new one.

Based on the received data and due to intelligent and complex algorithms the HDEV-RD can also be used as GPS for blind people.


How HDEV work?

HDEV contains two main parts: the IOU (in-out unit) and the IPU (intelligent processing unit).

The DC is developed in order to allow to be applied on any surface on the body, depending on the purpose the device is being used. It allows signals to be captured and send according to IPU output.

IPU can be stand-alone or server based.

Stand-alone version contains the main part of algorithms for basic functions. The server-based IPU receives the flow from the IOU, computes the reply and sends it back to the IOU.


IOU – in-out unit

IOU consists in at least 1 cm square surface that is filled with micro needles, 9 micro needles on one mm square. The needle is capable to exceed the surface within 0.5 mm.


IPU – Intelligent processing unit

This unit can be stand alone, based on microcontroller that has integrated the basic part of algorithms. It is capable to reply to the patient but is unable to depth full analyze of packets captured from patient.

The server-based unit is also based on own microcontroller and more is capable to send the specific packets to the server in order to receive a proper and correct algorithm that will be applied to the patient to be able to follow the procedure of recovery.



avc recovery device
avc recovery device

For the best results the CEEG module should be added as we can see:

avc recovery device with customised EEG monitoring
avc recovery device with customised EEG monitoring


This module will correlate the IOU with his own flow captured from patient, analyzes and replies the best decision for IOU which will apply the correlate decision in order to obtain more results. The IPU is capable to learn and to decide what is best for the patient, any decision at the right time and properly done, will short the recovery time of the patient and surely his life.


avc recovery device photo hand
avc recovery device photo hand


avc recovery device photo hand applied
avc recovery device photo hand applied


2015/07/22, Constantin Costescu

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